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Ranch Steak

Ranch Steak

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The ranch steak comes from the shoulder area, or chuck of the cow. This makes it a tough cut of beef, but if cooked properly is tender and delicious.

Ranch steak is best prepared quickly seared or cooked low and slow, and smothered in a sauce.

To sear, fire up a pan (cast-iron is best) on a high heat. Coat the pan with a fat that has a high smoke point – one that won’t burn when it hits the pan – like peanut oil, or ghee. Generously season the meat with salt and pepper and cook only until medium in the center– any longer and the steak will be too tough.

To braise, place steak in a slow-cooker or dutch oven with vegetables and a sauce to your liking. Cook low and slow for a couple of hours until the meat is pull-apart tender.