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A2 Raw Dairy

A2 milk has to do with the type of beta-casein protein in milk. A2 milk contains 100% beta-casein protein, whereas most cows in the US produce a mix of A1 and A2 proteins. A2 milk can be easier to digest and make help those with milk intolerance or allergies. Learn more here.

Raw, Fresh, Unprocessed Milk. 100% grass-fed and 100% A2/A2. No Chemicals, Antibiotics, Hormones, or GMOs. Straight from the udder to you!

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FREE A2 COW Milk (Plastic)

1 gallon
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A2 COW Milk, Raw, Bundle (Plastic)

10 gallons
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A2 COW Milk, Raw, Bundle (Plastic)

20 gallons
Bundle Deal $23.91 savings
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