Your Safety is Our Priority

We value cleanliness and hard data to back it up

*We are certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture as a raw milk producer.

We test every batch of our milk on site. This is not required, but we do it anyway to produce the best product possible. Every batch is tested for:

  • TCC (total coliform count): This must be <10 culi/ml, as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. This is the same standard for bottled water.
  • SPC (standard plate count): This must be <20,000, as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. This test lets us know the general hygiene of the milk and gives us a read of the quantity of bacteria present (sample taken from bulk tank and a finished bottle from every batch of milk).

We third party test our milk periodically for:

  • SPC (standard plate count)
  • (SCC) Somatic Cell Count 
  • (TCC) Total Coliform Count
  • Salmonella (zero tolerance)
  • E.coli-O157:H7 (zero tolerance)
  • Listeria monocytogenes (zero tolerance)
  • Campylobacter jejune (zero tolerance)

Also, our cows are blood tested by a licensed veterinarian every year to be verified free of:

  • Bovine tuberculosis - zero tolerance
  • Brucellosis - zero tolerance

Here are our most recent test results:

*Milk standards for pasteurized and raw milk are 10 Coliform and 20,000 SPC/APC

Month (Average) Coliform SPC or APC
Nov 2018 1.5 2850
Dec 2018 0.05 2090
Jan 2019 0.16 1700
Feb 2019 0.09 1066
Mar 2019 0.77 1355
Apr 2019 2.50 1034
May 2019 1.75 850
June 2019 1.86 967
July 2019 7.68 836
August 2019 2.72 736
September 2019 1.75 317
October 2019 0.68 638

Is raw milk safe?

Whether to pasteurize or not is truly a personal choice. You can learn more about raw milk at