100% Grass-fed A2 raw milk and truly pastured meat
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Raw A2 Milk and Truly Pastured Meat

With our family of farms, you can eat with confidence

It shouldn’t be a struggle to find real farm fresh, nutrient dense, great tasting food.

We know how important health, nutrition, and happiness are.

That’s why our food is ethically and naturally produced:

- Raised humanely on pasture

- 100% grass fed cow milk and beef

- 100% genetically tested A2 cow dairy

- No GMOs, antibiotics, or hormones

- No synthetic chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or ingredients

- Committed to regenerative soil practices

Help us raise the next generation of healthy children.

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    Selection Varies By Location

    Trusted by Our Families

    Trusted by our Families

    Aaron, thank you so much for all the delicious products that and your family produces. The bacon is fabulous! The milk – wonderful! The cottage cheese – to die for! Yum yum yum! Looking forward to our next order.
    Joy Flury Brown
    We love this milk! Every week I am making butter out of it. Nowadays, I am not forcing my kids to drink milk. They voluntarily come to drink milk.
    Thank you more than I can ever express. My first order was beyond anything I expected. I haven't had milk this rich and raw since I was a little kid back in the 60's when we got it from a neighbors farm. Please thank the farmer whom the batch came from. He is a blessed and talented farmer. That farm deserves any recognition they can get. Many blessings and joys.
    Taylor Kelly
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