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The gifts you give with Miller’s all year

December 20, 2019

It’s that magical time of year when we think a lot about giving and getting to know your family and friends a bit better. Yet, you may not think about all you give and learn the whole year long. It happens every day and every time you buy and eat real food from our farm. In this honor, I wrote a poem for you.

The gifts you give with Miller’s all year

Horse drawn plows

Soy-free feed

Grass fed cows

GMO-free seed

Long bales of hay

Hardworking farm staff

Children who play

A suckling calf

Love for yourself

Regenerated soil

Improve your health

Bone broth at a boil

Enzymes that are intact

Bacteria alive

An improved digestive tract

Bees buzzing in a hive

A variety of probiotics

A food system improved

Farms without robotics

Dirt paths that are hooved

A kitchen that’s used

Pastured active animals

Tea that’s infused

A2 that’s bio compatible

Active healthy lifestyle

Small families supported

A well balanced soil profile

Food that’s not imported

Diets based on nature

High nutrient density

A valley formed by a glacier

Work done with intensity

Transparent food relationships

Fields that are green

Farm and consumer fellowships

Milk that is clean

A body in good health

Piles of manure

Informational wealth

Good food for sure

Thank you for the gifts you give to the farm, the animals, the earth, and yourself throughout the year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I wish you and your family all the best this holiday season :)

Marie Reedell

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