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Reflections for the New Year

December 27, 2019

Here we are. Heading into the new year. As most of us do, the farmer finds himself reflecting upon 2019.

Where did I focus my energy? 

The farmer spent the first half of the year focusing on becoming certified for raw milk production by the State of Pennsylvania and switching to USDA certified meat processors.

In the second half of the year, the farmer focused on making sure his business is financially stable and sustainable. He wants to continue doing what he loves - regenerative farming - indefinitely.

What experiences brought me the most happiness? 

Customers rallied together to raise over $15,000 so the farm could purchase a milk bottling machine. This was an immense act of generosity and gratitude and support.

Customers also poured their hearts into more than 100 stellar Google reviews. The feedback was overwhelming and much appreciated. Keep them coming!

What were my biggest challenges? 

The farmer’s biggest challenge this year was hands down the RB51 situation. This was scary for the farm in many ways. The farmer is glad to have this in his past.

What do I want to keep doing or stop doing in 2020? 

Well, the farmer certainly wants to keep producing the highest quality, most natural food possible. That’s for sure!

One thing he’s like to stop doing is using unsustainable packing materials. You can look forward to these changes in 2020 :)

So, what are you reflecting on? What changes are you looking to make in 2020?

The most popular New Year’s resolutions involve improving your health. From my standpoint, increasing your small farm food intake would certainly accomplish that. 

Let’s say you just order milk only from the farm. How about adding one more thing like eggs or bread to your order? 

Or, let’s say there’s some processed foods that are staples in your home - cereal, granola bars, squeezy yogurt, bread, hot dogs, etc. Try replacing one of those foods with something unprocessed and made by a small farmer.

Or, let’s say you order 50% of your food from small farms. How about upping that to 60%? 

We would really love to hear from you. What’s in your plans for 2020?

Marie Reedell

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