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How to make hay when the sun shines

April 26, 2019

Spring is here. The grass is growing. You know what that means. It’s time to make hay!

I had the pleasure to visit the farm this week. The sun is shining. The grass is certainly green and at least two feet tall. Yup, it’s time to make hay.

Hay is integral to agriculture. It’s how you can sustain animals in the colder months. And, you need to plan ahead.

As the saying goes, you need to “make hay when the sun shines.”

The average American nowadays is pretty disconnected from producing their own food. However, the saying can relate to many aspects of modern American life.

For example, let’s take your family. You need to “make hay” with your children.

Especially when your kids are young, the sun is shining, and you take the opportunity to spend time with them. Whether this is through eating meals together or playing games or going on vacation. Every minute counts. Bonding with family when you can ensures that you can stick together when your kids grow up or through troubling times.

Another example is with your health. You need to “make hay” now to ensure the healthiest future.

Taking good care of your body when you are in good health is so important. This includes eating food that is nourishing, exercising regularly, and taking time to nurture your soul. The stronger you can be in health gives you the best chance for your body to overcome illness, disease, and trauma.

My last example is financial. You need to “make hay” when you are financially stable.

This may mean saving for retirement or college or investing in real estate or an investment account. Even if you only have a little left over, it’s important to save for the future, when you will need it.

Making hay is not easy. It’s hard work. And it takes time.

The farmer needs to plan to make hay. He waits for the grass to grow and for the weather to be dry. He cuts the grass and tedders it (spreads it out). Then, it must sit and dry. Patience is needed to wait for it to have the perfect moisture content for baling, which typically takes 1-3 days, depending on the weather. He needs to coordinate with his neighbors to help with baling. He cannot do it alone. He needs more horses and more workers.

The same is needed for “making hay” as a modern American. You need planning, patience, perception, and coordination. You cannot do it alone.

Once you are done “making hay”, however much you need to nurture your life, you can be assured that you will be ok through the cold winter.

The farmer knows that he needs about 15,000 bales of hay to make it through the winter. So, when the sun is shining, he’s always making hay.

How much hay and of what type do you need to make? I suggest making some now in solidarity with the farmer.

Best wishes for your hay making this season!

Marie Reedell

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