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Five reasons why the farmer’s food is remarkably priced

June 28, 2019

We love getting feedback from customers. One thing that we hear fairly often is, “Your prices are so high.”

The farmer gave it some real thought and came up with five reasons why his prices are more expensive than most other farms in the area:

1. Goes above and beyond the requirements for raw milk safety. 

The farm is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and does the required bi-annual tests on the milk and the cows. But the farmer also does on farm testing for every batch of milk. 

The cows’ udders and teats are cleaned meticulously. It’s not a simple swipe with an iodine covered towel. Every crevice is inspected for trapped dirt or manure. This takes time. The milk is 100% manure-free.

Miller’s is also a single source dairy. The milk comes from one farm. 

All of this means that, if there’s ever a problem, the farmer can diagnose and fix it quickly.

You can learn more about the farmer’s milk safety standards here.

2. Brand new facilities and an extreme focus on cleanliness. 

It costs more to pay for these pristine facilities. The barn, bulk tank, bottling machine, prep area, and storage are all in separate rooms. They are brand new and up to modern standards.

The farm staff spend hundreds of hours every year cleaning the milking equipment and prep areas. This is much more than the average farm. The facilities are spotless.

3. Pay his staff fairly.

Many Amish businesses hire teenagers and pay them well below minimum wage. It is considered a part of their education, which is great. The farmer does hire teens for extra help but not for his main staff required to run the business. 

The farmer pays his staff fairly at a living wage. Now, this certainly doesn’t mean they’re rich and hoarding away money. It’s far far far from that. But, it does mean that his staff are stable and do not need supplemental income to pay their personal bills. 

4. Doesn’t cut corners. Ever.

From feed quality to medical care for animals to cleaning standards to processing, the farmer does not make compromises. This is true even when he’s struggling financially.

The farmer’s mission is to produce real farm fresh, nutrient-dense, great tasting food. It’s the highest quality junk-free food possible. 

If this means spending more money on higher quality feed, he’ll do it. If it means adding time for cleaning, he’ll do it. If it means running more tests, he’ll do it. Quality and safety are of utmost importance.

5. Exceptional customer service. 

We strive to resolve all customers’ issues quickly, clearly, and with care. 

We answer customer’s emails within 12 hours. 

The farmer will personally call customers if there is an issue with their order. He sometimes calls just to say hi and that he appreciates them.

And, there is a guarantee on products. If you’re not satisfied, let us know. The farmer always does right by his customers.

We have proof that all of this does indeed produce the highest quality food with the best customer service.

Last week, we asked folks to give the farmer a high five by giving him a Google review. There was no reward besides doing something nice. We quickly surpassed the 100 review goal. You can check out the awesome 5-star reviews here.

The farmer’s purpose is to inspire a healthy generation of children and reduce healthcare costs long term. 

This means that he needs to create a sustainable business that he can pass on to his children. He needs a business that will stay in business. And his prices and practices are set to do just that.

Thank you so much for your support of Miller’s Biodiversity Farm! If you have any questions about our farming practices or otherwise, please don’t hesitate to ask :)

Enjoy the food!

Marie Reedell

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