Ways to tackle a bad day. Read tips from the farmer.

Call to action - How to give the farmer a high five

June 21, 2019

The farmer needs you support. He needs 100 Google reviews by the end of the weekend.

If you have five seconds, give him your stars. If you have one minute, give him your stars and words.

If you’ve bought our products, tell others about your experience. If you’ve never bought from us, perhaps you can review our newsletter, customer service, or farming practices.

Give him a high five. Leave your review here.

The farmer has overcome some big obstacles this year. There were many unanticipated expenses and great loss of sales. 

Although the store has re-open, the farmer is still struggling financially. 

When I know that someone is in distress, I want to bring them some home cooked food or make them a hot cup of tea or give them a long hug or offer myself for a fireside conversation. 

But what if you live far away? How can you help from afar?

A Google review is a virtual long distance high five. 

It’s easy and would be very, very, very appreciated. Each review would help the farmer’s situation immensely.

Not only is it nice to hear feedback from customers, it will also give others confidence when trying to find a small farmer that they can trust. 

Thank you for reading, and thank you for your ongoing support.

Enjoy the food, and enjoy the reviews :)

Marie Reedell

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